Geekvape – Cutting Edge Hardware For Generation Vape

Geekvape are a firm favourite with the staff team here at LondonVape. Their superb quality vape mods and vape tanks are affordable, reliable and packed with cool technology and user-friendly controls that are ideal for first-time vapers.

The LondonVape range of Geekvape products includes tanks, mods and complete vape kits that have everything you’ll need to kick the cigarettes and begin your vaping journey. 

First time vapers, or those looking to make their first tentative commitment towards switching to vaping could do a lot worse than consider the Geekvape Flint Starter Kit:
This sleek, pen style vape comes complete with all the kit to get started – you’ll just need some e-liquid – and we can definitely help with that too – see below!
The ergonomically-designed Geekvape Flint has a durable, lightweight body that is easy to carry and can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag when not in use. The vape is water resistant to IPX5 standard, meaning it can stand up to most things apart from being submerged!
The Flint’s e-liquid tank has a standard 2ml capacity and features an innovative Push-to-Fill refill system, making refilling mess and hassle-free.
The Flint has three power output modes pre-set to 3.2V at the lowest setting, 3.5V at medium and 3.8V at the highest end. These can be toggled through and are indicated by a coloured LED just next to the robust, oversized firing button.
The Flint Starter Kit comes with two coils: a 1.6 Ohm NS coil which comes pre-fitted and a 1.2 Ohm coil which can be switched in if you prefer less resistance. The quality Ni80 heating material combines with organic cotton wicking to ensure a smooth burn and even vapour flow.
The Flint has adjustable bottom airflow, allowing further fine-tuning of your vaping experience – this is an ideal set-up to experiment with to find the perfect combination of power, resistance and airflow for your vaping style.
The Geekvape Flint has a built-in 1000mAh battery which is charged via the included USB charger. Low battery charge is indicated via the LED display and the device is protected against short circuits and overheating with a 10 second power cut-off.

Starter E-Liquids

For the many, many documented reasons, most new vapers are trying vaping in an attempt to kick the cigarettes. For this reason, LondonVape recommend that new vapers start out with a mouth-to-lung (MTL) technique as this most closely mimics conventional smoking – vapour is drawn into the mouth before being further inhaled into the lungs like a cigarette. The MTL vaping technique works best with certain set-up combinations. Firstly, we need a higher resistance coil – definitely over 1.0 Ohm. The higher resistance means less e-liquid is vapourised and less vapour produced – remember; cigarettes do not produce huge plumes of smoke, so first-time vapers need a gentle flow at first.
Next, we need adjustable airflow, so you can get your drag or pull just right. Well, the Geekvape Flint has that covered too, so finally we need a suitable e-liquid. The important thing here is to choose a liquid with a high PG (propylene glycol) content. Liquids with a PG content over 50% are perfect for first-timers as they give a gentle ‘throat hit’ that soon-to-be ex-smokers often crave. Conversely, liquids high in VG (vegetable glycerin) are more viscous and create huge clouds of vapour.

The flavour and nicotine content of the e-liquid is down to personal preference. Many smokers prefer to try tobacco flavoured vape liquids with higher nicotine content and then gradually wean themselves down. Other new vapers start out with a delicious, moreish e-liquid in a shortfill bottle and then add their own nicotine to their personal preference with nic shots or nic salts. There is no right or wrong flavour to start with, but don’t be surprised if you have to try a few before you find the one that finally keeps you away from the cigs.
However you prefer to start out, LondonVape have every imaginable e-liquid flavour combination to tantalise your tastebuds and have you smoke-free in no time.
Browse our e-liquid collection by brand, bottle size, nicotine content, VG/PG ratio or even flavour profile. You’ll easily find the right e-liquid to get you going, and if you have any questions you can always contact our friendly team for expert advice.

As well as our expert service and advice, when you buy the Geekvape Flint with LondonVape you’ll get rapid SAME-DAY DESPATCH on orders placed before 1pm and FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders over £30.