E-Liquids are also known as vape liquid, e juice, coil sauce or vape juice. Whatever your preferred term, e-liquids are at the heart of our product range here at LondonVape.

Here you will find e-liquids of varying nicotine strengths in 10ml bottles as well as a huge range of 0% nicotine shortfill bottles and a vast range of nic shots and nic salts to create your own perfect blend.

E-Liquid is the generic name given to a flavoured solution of vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and sometimes nicotine which can be vaporized in an e-cig or vaporizer to create flavourful vapour which is inhaled and exhaled in a manner similar to conventional smoking. E-Liquids are available in different ratios of PG to VG content depending on your preference. Liquids higher in PG tend to be best for amplifying mouth-watering flavours, while high VG solutions are beloved by the sub-ohm vaping community for their huge cloud production.

Of course, e-liquids do not contain the thousands of nasty chemicals that lurk inside cigarettes and tobacco. No combustion takes place with vaping, so the vaper is not inhaling harmful particulates and carcinogens that are present in tobacco. Indeed, no lesser authority than Public Health England (PHE) claims that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

At LondonVape, we strive to bring you only the very best e-liquids, shortfills and nic shots on the market. Browse our huge range from leading brands like Dinner Lady, Double Drip, Element E-Liquid, IVG and Ohm Brew. The range of flavours available runs through fruity, sweet and dessert flavoured liquids to traditional tobacco and menthol flavoured vapes.
Whatever e-liquid you are looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it here at LondonVape.

  1. Shortfill E-Liquids

    Shortfills are nicotine-free e-liquids sold in oversize bottles View »

    230 Products
  2. Nicotine Shots

    Nicotine Shots or Nic Shots are high nicotine e-liquids which a View »

    6 Products
  3. Nicotine Salts

    Nicotine Salts or Nic Salts are high nicotine e-liquids which a View »

    10 Products
  4. Pods

    Vape pods offer the quickest and easiest way to make the switch to vaping. Po View »

    8 Products
  5. Beard Vape Co

    Beard Vape Co is a US-based manufacturer of premium qua View »

    8 Products
  6. Burst E-Liquid

    Burst E-Liquids are a US-based manufacturer of high VG e-liquids desig View »

    0 Products
  7. Campfire

    Campfire eliquids currently feature a snacky and smorey marshmallow chocolate treat, and aim t View »

    1 Products
  8. Charlie's Chalk Dust

    Charlie’s Chalk Dust are a US-based manufacturer of high quality e-liqui View »

    6 Products
  9. Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Cosmic Fog E-Liquid are a high quality e-liquid manufacturer from sunny Calif View »

    4 Products
  10. Cuttwood

    Cuttwood are a high end e-liquid manufacturer hailing from Irvine, California View »

    12 Products
  11. Decoded

    All the way from the depths of the Canadian Matrix comes Decoded; an array of eliquid refills View »

    4 Products
  12. Dinner Lady e-liquid

    Dinner Lady is one of the UK favorite e-liquids, especially with beginner vaper's which is no View »

    20 Products
  13. Doozy Vape Co

    Doozy Vape Co is a family run company based in Yorkshire with a love for vaping and a simple d View »

    20 Products
  14. Double Drip Coil Sauce

    Double Drip Coil Sauce brings vibrancy and flavor to the e-liquid party, with there outlandish View »

    23 Products
  15. Dr. Fogs

    Dr. Fogs E Liquid brings classic flavors the e-liquid community with ingredients such as, Vani View »

    5 Products
  16. Evil Drip

    Evil Drip E-Liquid are manufactured in the UK, delivering View »

    5 Products
  17. Element E-Liquid

    The NS20 range includes flavours from Element, FAR, The Element Tobacconist Range and more, al View »

    28 Products
  18. Glas

    Glas started life as a manufacturer of some of the world's most coveted mechanical devices and View »

    7 Products
  19. IVG Premium E-Liquids

    The creators of IVG Premium E-Liquids (formally known as "I Love VG") absolutely love and have View »

    18 Products
  20. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit Vapes eliquid is made in the UK. These 50ml shortfills f View »

    6 Products
  21. Juice Bomb

    Juice Bomb eJuices are created and manufactured in the UK. Juice Bomb's ai View »

    6 Products
  22. Juice N Power

    Juice N Power e-liquids are manufactured in the UK, their range focu View »

    18 Products
  23. Just Juice

    Just Juice e-liquids are mixed and bottled in the UK. Having created View »

    16 Products
  24. KINK Eliquid

    KINK shortfill e-liquids are a collection of midnight-inspired blend View »

    6 Products
  25. Mad Hatter Juice

    Founded in Los Angeles, California, Mad Hatter Juice is the company behind the popular Max VG View »

    1 Products
  26. MUR E-Liquids

    Mur eliquids are mixed and bottled in Italy, a range of fruit, dessert and pastry blends ar View »

    6 Products
  27. Naked 100

    Naked 100 eliquids are a range of fruit-based eliquids that feature View »

    0 Products
  28. Nasty Juice

    Founded in 2016, Nasty Juice has since become a household name in Malaysia View »

    14 Products
  29. NS20 E-Liquid by Element

    NS20 e-liquid by Element is a range of vape pods and e-liquids contain View »

    8 Products
  30. OG Classics

    The OG Classics E-Liquid range is a collection of classic layered va View »

    6 Products
  31. Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew E-liquids are mixed and bottled in the UK. View »

    19 Products
  32. Ohmsome E-liquids

    Ohmsome eliquids are manufactured in the UK, providing mi View »

    5 Products
  33. Pacha Mama

    From the same team behind the Charlie's Chalk Dust range, Pacha Mama eLiquids are a series View »

    8 Products
  34. Red Liquid

    Red Liquids E-Liquids are made in the UK and featur View »

    20 Products
  35. Space Jam

    Space Jam E-Liquids are regarded as some of the finest eliquids in the industry, with there co View »

    10 Products
  36. 100 Large E-Liquid

    100 Large eliquids are High VG mixtures, with serious flavour. Each 100ml short fill bottle co View »

    6 Products